A New Zealand Crunch charged in a conspiracy with a Cryptocurrency Ponzi Scheme, in targeting the gathering, has refused knowingly participating in illegal activity on Facebook Statement on May 2.

Samoa Worship Centre and the Samoan Independent Seventh Day Adventist Church (SISDAC) are the two main places of worship charged for having a connection with OneCoin, which has collected millions of dollars worldwide by attracting investors with the promise of huge returns. A large number of victims have claimed these things in the interviews.

As per the report shared by RadioNZ, the scam has particularly targeted the New Zeeland’s Samoan Community. Here, OneCoin users used Samoa Worship Centre and the Samoan Independent Seventh Day Adventist Church (SISDAC) "to reach a vast network of would-be investors." One woman anticipated that almost 100 members of the community have invested in Crypto Scam.

Lately, authorities in Samoa community has published a report about the charges made by New Zealand's Financial Intelligence Unit and ensured SISDAC had mainly participated in money laundering activity, however, the church says that it takes issue with the characterization, stating:

“SISDAC has never knowingly participated or colluded in any way shape or form with any individual or organization in this type of illegal activity… [We are] seeking legal counsel over these matters that threaten the integrity and good standing of the church, its leadership, its missional work and the well-being of its loyal membership.”

One of the Employee of the Samoa Worship Center stated RadioNZ that it also reduces the charges, and it is exploring legal action against the Samoan government over the defamation.

In Auckland, all the operations about the Samoan Communities are carried out by a woman named Sina Hunt, one woman said in the Interview. She further stated that Ms Hunt is the main person to contact for OneCoin and had requested her to invest in OneCoin.

Later, One woman had invested $NZ2,400 in One Coin, and Ms. Hunt ensured that the return of this investment will allow her to buy a house in Auckland's strained market. However, the woman was not able to contact her personally after that.

As per her Facebook page, Ms. Hunt is self-employed by the "OneDreamTeam NZ", a local group of independent marketing associates with OneLife, an affiliate of OneCoin. Moreover, as per the record of OneCoin events in Australia, she is a speaker and had also given an interview OneCoin and appeared on Crypto's official magazine.

As per earlier reports, Samoa's central bank banned any activities which are associated with OneCoin in 2018, however, despite this, speeches in the Churches continued. One church visitor said the minister was one of the victims.