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  • Nov 26, 2022

The 15 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Trade Bitcoin with in 2019

Although the following list isn’t exhaustive, it does present the current top 15 digital exchanges on offer to global users. All exchanges charge user fees somehow. Depending on exchange model and nature, fees vary, although all e...

Coinbase Introduces Instant PayPal Withdrawals for US-Based Customers

Coinbase has now introduced the option of instant withdrawal to PayPal accounts for their US-based customers. More countries to get this feature in 2019.

Cubits Cryptocurrency Exchange Shuts Down: Victim of $33Mn Scam

London-based Cubits cryptocurrency exchange has declared insolvency and has shut down following a $33 Mn hack that crippled the exchange earlier this year.

Zebpay Cryptocurrency Exchange Goes Live In 21 European Nations

The Zebpay cryptocurrency exchange is officially operating across 21 European nations starting today.

HitBTC Exchange Review

A complete and concise review of the HitBTC cryptocurrency exchange - giving you the perfect insight into all the features as well as facts related to HitBTC.

GDAX: Exchange Review

A complete review of the GDAX Cryptocurrency exchange: An exchange owned by Coinbase which provides easy trading solutions for all traders.

Shapeshift: Exchange Review

A review of the ShapeShift cryptocurrency exchange - providing an insight into the features and functions of the platform - as well as all its benefits and flaws.

Poloniex: Exchange Review

A complete review of the Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange - known popularly for its altcoin trade services. Every feature and functionality of the exchange that you must know!

Here are 11 Countries Banned By Bithumb From Crypto-Trading

Bithumb, South Korea’s largest crypto-exchange has now announced that it will no longer support cryptocurrency trade for traders based in 11 countries.

World’s Oldest Bitcoin Exchange BTCC To Launch New and Updated Platform in June 

BTCC is all set to return as an improved and upgraded platform. The company has announced a new platform to be launched in June.