TRON knows well how to keep their massive user base occupied with its amazing products and innovations. Recently, peer-to-peer torrent software BitTorrent has released its downloads optimization software, BitTorrent Speed, including the native token functionality. The news was first shared via a press release on July 8. 

Justin Sun in this tweet announcement said users would be able to access the first version of the product, which was just an Idea a year ago. According to reports, BitTorrent released a native Tron blockchain-based Token, BitTorrent (BTT) during the start of 2019, and also disclosed its plans to build a tokenized content platform which allow users to optimize their network speed and reach faster downloads.

According to the press release, BitTorrent speed software will be incorporated with the new downloads of the firm's uTorrent Classic Windows client.

BitTorrent Speed backs up the normal content sharing with the digital currency token of BTT(BitTorrent). The platform enables users to take benefit of its free, faster downloads and swift file sharing features in return for this it rewards the users in the form of BTT tokens. Hence, you will be able to earn coins just by sharing content files all over the internet.

BitTorrent Speed provides BTT rewards to users in return of bandwidth and seeding and making possible faster downloads. The users will have to spend their BTT tokens for getting faster speed along with downloading files that will encourage the file sharer to seed or upload files for more duration. Also, the users downloading the files can get files quickly.

Here, users will be able to monitor and manage their earnings, including enhanced download speed all at one place, the dashboard. Also, an encrypted wallet allows its users to track their BTT assets with ease. Talking about sending and receiving tokens, it can be achieved just with a click.

According to the company, 100 million users have a chance to take part and enjoy various benefits of decentralized tokenized internet. Also, it provides support to worldwide content creators.

The main purpose of this project is to ensure that content sharing activity becomes fully decentralized. Also, its target is to remove the need to split profits with middlemen, like Facebook and YouTube.

BitTorrent Speed is the version of IPFS, also known as InterPlanetary FileSystem protocol. IPFS is mainly an open-source file system that can be used to develop web-based decentralized hard drive, combining blockchain and BitTorrent.

Sun mentioned that they want to improve the BitTorrent protocol with the latest product launch and provide extra features that encourage innovation in various industries.