Ran Neuner is one of the most well known names in the cryptocurrency community. He is CNBC’s host for their show ‘Cryptotrader’ and a popular Bitcoin ‘insider’. Neuner has now claimed that Bitcoin will end 2018 at a price of $50,000. He made this claim on a Tweet - and has is so confident about the future of the cryptocurrency that he has pinned this tweet on his profile. 

Neuner isn’t the first person to claim that Bitcoin will boom soon. Such claims have been made by a number of other markets experts and analysts. Even those who aren’t a fan of cryptocurrencies such as ‘Wolf of the Wall Street’ Jordan Belfort, believe that the currency may indeed boom to $50,000. 

Ran Neuner has been the face of CNBC when it comes to cryptocurrency trading coverage and analysis. Recently, number of media houses and news outlets have begun giving a serious thought to the cryptocurrency markets. CNBC is perhaps the leading name among these media houses. The channel has been showing a lot of cryptocurrency related content - including a step by step tutorial on how to buy Ripple on Poloniex, which aired earlier this year. 

Brian Kelly, Ran Neuner and a number of other anchors and hosts have become CNBC’s cryptocurrency experts. CNBC has often been associated with controversies involving rigging the markets. An episode of CNBC’s ‘Fast Money’ talked about how Bitcoin Cash is dominating the cryptocurrency race. Later that day, the social media account of Fast Money showed Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash charts together. The graphs were about how Bitcoin was on the decline and Bitcoin Cash was on the rise. The tweet stated ‘Bitcoin Cash is here...deal with it’. 

While the claims made by Ran Neuner seem rather outlandish at the moment when Bitcoin prices are falling to such drastic lows. Over the past couple of weeks, Bitcoin price has been on a continuous fall and has now hit a two-month low at $7800. Bitcoin experts such as Neuner believe that the currency will bounce back stronger than ever before - just as it has done with every such fall. 

However, Twitter users are, as always, poking fun at these outlandish claims. A Twitter user replied to Ran Neuner stating that it would be quite dramatic if BTC price is indeed exactly $50,000 on 12:00 AM at 31st of December. Many even suspect this is just a ploy from those supporting Bitcoin to help the markets gain faith in the currency and begin re-investing. 

While there is no way of predicting the movement of cryptocurrency prices, most cryptocurrency experts tend to make use of historical data and movements of the graph compared with similar occurrences in the past to figure the movement of the currency in the future. It would be interesting to see if Ran Neuner’s predictions do prove to be true!