Overstock's digital currency arm tZero is currently working on a security trading platform and has determined to launch a new product lately. The firm has launched the Android version of the cryptocurrency mobile application, as per the press release shared on July 25.

In the beginning, tZero Crypto App released in June supports two leading cryptocurrencies Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), and ensure to be a hack-resistant solution for trading and storing cryptocurrencies. The release of the new app comes just after the firm determined to release an iOS app that focused on the same goal. Presently, you can download the product at Google Play.

With this app, clients from tZero will be able to utilize brokerage services and trade Bitcoin (BTC), and Ether (ETH). As per the firm, more assets to be added in the future, but the firm hasn't revealed any of the details.

The clients will not only be able to buy, sell or receive tokens but also they will be able to some extra features if they opt to use the app. According to the announcement, tZero uses biometric authentication and additional security and allows investors to utilize a unique private key system recovery and more.

Saum Noursalehi, CEO of tZero said,

"We are excited to bring our platform to Android users, which we believe will significantly expand our user-base. The accessibility of the tZERO Crypto App is critical in our plan to provide an intuitive trading experience for all digital assets."

The positive experience is said to be ensured by the fact that trading will become significantly more consistent and intuitive with the use of the app, which will allow people to trade their tokens whenever they want, not just in front of a computer.

Recently, the firm decided to hire new people in its team. Hence, tZero designated three new managers, comprising Navarro, Michael Mougias and Alexandra Sotiropoulos, who now work as firm's head of issuance, head of investor relations and head of communications, respectively.

One of the main reasons why tZero is hiring now is that the firm is going to release a new broker-dealer arm and these services which consist of electronic and portfolio execution, sales training, the firm will require new employees to work well.