Various companies around the world are using blockchain solutions to trace their products with more control and effectiveness. Organo is the newest firm to join IBM Food Trust, a blockchain platform that was built to track food. 

Organo is the leading producer of affordable food and beverages, was started in 2008 and is targetted on bringing quality to its clients, that's the main reason the firm is going to use blockchain to provide the same quantity now. The firm also works in industries of beauty products, botanical formulations, and food.

IBM Food Trust is one of the leading firms when we talk about food tracking industry. The firm is well-known for using the blockchain technology to solve the issues of firms who want to track their products through their supply chains.

With the solution offered by IBM, the firm wants to track some of its products, beginning with the most selling ones and scaling to achieve even more at the end of this year.

This new tracing process will help the firm to obtain the key information which will be shared with the clients of the firm and the supply partners. This will initially bring more transparency to the firm, which is meant to turn it in positive feedback from clients.

Along with the new collaboration, Organo is going to enhance its services, as said by Leonardo chin, the managing director of the firm. Chin said that trust is the product ingredient for the firm; hence, it is essential to handle trust in the same manner just as all other elements are being treated.

The new service enables customers to scan products and to check the quality by doing inspections on the logistics and all the data which will be available through the new system, which will be known as Vertical Markets Ecosystem Model.

Here, Blockchain is used to store information in a distributed ledger which customers can access it easily. The firm desires to encourage more people in the supply chain to work towards reducing waste and enhancing food safety, thus improving the process of forming products which will be sold later.  

IBM Food Trust is developed on the top of the Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain, an open-source protocol. However, the model of the ledger is decentralized; the firms hiring IBM can easily find who will have access to the information present on the blockchain.

Raj Rao, general manager at IBM Food Trust, said, "Blockchain can modify any industry, particularly when we possess multi-stakeholder environments, businesses, and organizations like in supply chain."  He also stated that the technology will help Organo to handle major pain points of its business and improve its entire supply chain.