Among one of the most popular names when it comes to investing in cryptocurrency and blockchain-based startups, ConsenSys has made yet another announcement. The latest name that the company has invested in is that of Allinfra - a startup dealing with investments in unlisted infrastructure assets. 

Allinfra makes use of the Ethereum blockchain platform for its service. While the exact financial details of this deal have not been revealed at the moment, ConsenSys is confident about this investment. Allinfra allows investors to invest in infrastructural projects ranging from energy to transport to environmental or social projects.

In the past, we have seen the private sector and institutional investors invest in these infrastructure projects. However, the general public rarely gets to invest in these projects. Allinfra introduces tokenized investments into these infrastructural projects. The platform has dual benefits - it provides investments to the projects which needs them as well as provides investment opportunities to investors. Given that unlisted infrastructure projects have usually been hard to tap into - this is especially beneficial!

Joe Lubin, the founder of ConSensys and the co-creator of Ethereum commented on his company’s latest investment, saying that Allinfra will help a wider range of people to invest in unlisted infrastructure assets.

“In the case of unlisted infrastructure, a traditionally restricted, and illiquid asset class, Allinfra will enable a wider audience to efficiently access and participate in the economic benefits of these assets.”

ConsenSys: A Major Crypto Investor

ConsenSys is a major player in the crypto markets when it comes to investing in Ethereum-based startups. Earlier this year, the company made a $2 Million investment in Iceland-based Monerium. In December, ConsenSys had invested in crypto custody startup Trustology. With Allinfra being the latest name to get the ConsenSys funding - it will be interesting to see how the startup performs from here on. 

ConsenSys, too, like other crypto-focused companies - has been bleeding out a lot of money over the past year. The company had to lay off around 13% of their workforce (primarily, people from their support and technical teams). It will be interesting to see what companies ConsenSys decides to invest in over the rest of 2019. 

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