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  • Jan 18, 2022

South Korea Aims to Introduce Taxation Laws On Crypto Transactions 'Early Next Year'

South Korea’s lawmakers discussed efforts to accelerate the formation of regulation surrounding the taxation of cryptocurrency payments. The draft legislation on the crypto payments bill is expected to be completed in the next 6 t...

The US GAO Recommends The IRS Update Its Virtual Currencies Taxation Guidelines

The U.S Government Accountability Office (GAO) gave its recommendations on how the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can enhance the tax compliance on cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.

Indian Crypto Traders May Soon Have to Pay 18% GST

The proposal will be considered by the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council once it is finalized.

Bitfinex May Soon Share Your Tax Data with Government Authorities

A letter sent to some Binance users states that they need to share their tax filings which will be sent over to the government of the British Virgin Islands.

France Reduces Cryptocurrency Tax From 45% to 19% For Retail Traders 

France has become the latest nation to introduce cryptocurrency reforms - slashing down the tax rate from 45% to 19% for retail investors. 

US Traders Overlook the FBAR Requirement When Filing Cryptocurrency Taxes

US government has introduced some amendments regarding the taxation of cryptocurrency for traders.

Citizens of Poland File Petition against 'Unfair' Taxation of Crypto Incomes and Profits

Following the Finance Ministry’s announcement, the crypto traders of Poland have organized an online petition to protest this decision.

France and Germany Urge G20 To Crack Down on Cryptocurrency

rance and Germany are now the latest names to go strict on cryptocurrencies. Officials from Germany and France are now pressuring the G20 to take action.