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  • Feb 21, 2020

RBI Claims Their Crypto-Circular Does Not Violate Constitutional Rights

The Reserve Bank of India has now claimed that their circular does not violate any constitutional rights and that the petition is baseless.

Rep Tom Emmer Introduces 3 Crypto-Related Bills In The US Congress

Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN), a member of the US Congress, has introduce three new cryptocurrency related bills in the US Congress.

G20 Issues Official Statement on Cryptocurrencies; AML Standards To Come in October

The G20 has officially stated that cryptocurrencies are not a risk to the global financial stability. A document on AML standards would be released in October.

Reserve Bank of India Tells Supreme Court Why They Denied Banking Services to Crypto Firms

The RBI has now explained to the Supreme Court the reason as to why they stopped providing banking services to cryptocurrency businesses. 

Switzerland Expected to Relax ICO Laws Amid Declining Popularity

Switzerland is working towards relaxing cryptocurrency and ICO-related laws to attract more crypto/blockchain firms as well as ICOs to the country.

RBI v/s Cryptocurrency Exchanges: Indian Supreme Court Declares ‘Final Hearing’ on 11 September

The final hearing has been moved to 11th September because SEBI, as well as certain cryptocurrency exchanges, are yet to file their response to the petition.

Indian Supreme Court Upholds RBI’s Decision to Deny Banking Services to Crypto Businesses

The first cryptocurrency petition was heard by the Supreme Court of India today. However, the decision has come in favour of the RBI. 

Supreme Court of India To Take Up All Crypto-Petitions, No New Petitions to be Allowed

India's Supreme Court has stated that the High Courts will no longer accept any petitions against the RBI’s order - the SC will take up all pending petitions.

Russia’s Digital Economy Bill Introduces ‘Digital Money’ As the Legal Term for Cryptocurrencies

Russia’s decision to not use the words ‘cryptocurrency’ etc, is because the government sees them as slangs and not as a legal term.

Telegram Takes Legal Action over Cryptocurrency Trademark Violation

Telegram's highly publicized cryptocurrency trademark "GRAM" is being poached by a company unrelated to Telegram.