• Market Cap: $266b

  • May 28, 2022

GDAX: Exchange Review

A complete review of the GDAX Cryptocurrency exchange: An exchange owned by Coinbase which provides easy trading solutions for all traders.

Coinbase Launches Coinbase Pro, Acquires Paradex

Coinbase Pro is the updated version of GDAX - its trading platform for the individuals.

Coinbase Now Evaluated at $8 Billion; Introduces Block Trading on GDAX

Now evaluated at $8 Billion, Coinbase is looking forward to attracting institutional investors on their GDAX platform by introducing block trading.

ERC20 Tokens Now Supported on Coinbase/GDAX Platforms!

Coinbase has announced via their official blog that support for ERC 20 tokens would soon be coming for most of their services, including the Coinbase platform and the GDAX Cryptocurrency Exchange!

Coinbase Becomes Latest Name To Announce Cryptocurrency Index Fund

The Coinbase Index Fund was first announced by Assif Hirji, the COO of Coinbase during an appearance on ‘Fast Money’ on CNBC. It will feature all digital assets listed on the GDAX cryptocurrency exchange.

No, Coinbase and GDAX are NOT adding Ripple Support

Coinbase has issued a statement clarifying that there are no plans to list a new cryptocurrency at the moment on Coinbase or GDAX platforms after rumours of Ripple listing got rampant.