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  • Jun 24, 2019

EU Central Bank says Cryptocurrencies does not have Actual Impact on Financial Stability

European Central Bank Says Cryptocurrencies does not have Actual Impact on Financial Stability in the Eurozone

Japanese Crypto Exchange Zaif will resume its Operations Seven Months After Hack

Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange Zaif declared that it will resume its activities Seven Months After Hack

Top 10 Expectations from the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem in 2019

10 things we expect to happen in the cryptocurrency ecosystem in 2019

Japanese Messaging Giant Line To Roll Out A New Digital Currency And Five Dapps

Japanese social mammoth LINE has revealed 5 new decentralized applications (DApps) and one CryptoCurrency.

Reserve Bank of India vs Cryptocurrencies: A Complete Timeline

A complete timeline of events about the RBI vs Cryptocurrencies case: Right from 2013 to the Supreme Court verdict - Everything that you need to know!

How India Bypasses RBI’s Cryptocurrency Ban

Indian cryptocurrency traders have found creative methods such as Dabba Trading and Hawala Networks to trade cryptocurrencies despite the RBI-issued sanctions.

G20 Issues Official Statement on Cryptocurrencies; AML Standards To Come in October

The G20 has officially stated that cryptocurrencies are not a risk to the global financial stability. A document on AML standards would be released in October.

Putin Addresses Cryptocurrencies: Says No Country is Ready for National Cryptos Yet

Putin commented that cryptocurrencies being used in place of fiat money might have worked in Japan to some extent, this is unlikely to work in other countries.

China Ranks Ethereum as No.1 Cryptocurrency

The Chinese government has conducted a research on 28 cryptos and released a rating index, in which Ethereum ranks #1.