• Market Cap: $266b

  • Jun 27, 2022

BitMEX Sets Up Blockstream's Bitcoin Satellite System to Verify Transactions Without the Internet

One of the globe’s most popular crypto derivatives exchanges, BitMEX, has announced the installation of a Blockstream Bitcoin Satellite System, which will operate a node without the need for an internet connection.

BitMEX Causes a Significant Surge in BTC Transaction Rates at 13:00 UTC Daily

Bitcoin fee rates surge daily at 13:00 UTC, according to a recent analysis by German Bitcoin freelance developer dubbed ‘0Xb10C’. A scaling solution like SegWit, or the upcoming Bitcoin upgrade ‘Schnorr/Taproot’ could drastically...

BitMEX Research: Lightning Network Exposes 60,000 Non-Cooperative Channel Closures

The most recent BitMEX report release on Lightning network has revealed that its cost since inception might have outweighed the benefits.

BitMex Closing Accounts of US and Canada-based Users

Bitmex has been shutting down the accounts of cryptocurrency traders based in the US and Quebec in Canada amid regulatory uncertainty.

BitMex CEO Says Crypto Could Be The Next Asset Class

Cryptocurrency could represent the next new Digital Asset class and create a slew of new investment and trading opportunities in the coming few years.

We Don’t Trade Against Customers - BitMEX CEO

The CEO of one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange has guarded his organization against online feedback in an interview with Yahoo Finance UK.

BitMEX Announces Two New Crypto-Trading Products Following Record Bitcoin Trade

On the day that BitMEX traded 1,027,214.62 Bitcoins in 24 hours, it also launched two new crypto-trading products: ETHUSD perpetual swaps, and UPs and DOWNs