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  • Feb 20, 2019

Aditya Worah is a former advertising professional, a freelance tech writer and a cryptocurrency enthusiast. He is pursuing a degree in journalism from the Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai.

Coinmama Cryptocurrency Exchange Faces Security Breach: Data of 450,000 Users At Risk

A recent announcement from Coinmama informs that data of over 450,000 users has been stolen and posted on the dark web.

Why Iran’s PayMon Cryptocurrency is Unlikely to Succeed

A look at why the PayMon cryptocurrency launched by Iran is unlikely to perform well in the international level.

JP Morgan Chase Introduces JPM Coin Stablecoin for Instant Transfers

US banking giant JP Morgan Chase has introduced a digital token called ‘JPM Coin’, which the bank will make use of to speed up payments.

Cryptocurrency Hackers Communicate over PUBG to Plot $2.47 Million Hack

Hackers are getting innovative! Reports from Turkey point out that hackers made use of PUBG video game to communicate and orchestrate a $2.47 Million hack.

Nasdaq to Offer Brave New Coin Crypto Indexes for Bitcoin and Ethereum

Starting the 25th of February, Nasdaq will introduce two new indices which will provide real-time information on Bitcoin and Ethereum

Cryptopia Cryptocurrency Exchange Cleared to Reopen

The police have now commented that their investigation is almost complete - and Cryptopia has been given the green light to resume reopen the exchange again. 

Yen-Backed Stablecoin GYEN Announced by Japan’s GMO Internet

GYEN is a Yen-backed stablecoin and is being developed by GMO Internet - a giant in Japan’s tech sector

Coinbase Wallet Now Lets Users Back Up Encrypted Private Keys on Google Drive or iCloud

This new feature that has been started off by Coinbase will ensure that users of the Coinbase Wallet are able to back up their keys on a safer platform.

Ripple (XRP) Updates: UAE’s Unimoni Joins Ripple’s Payment Network, Ripple’s Talent Acquisition Details

Here are the latest updates from Ripple (XRP): A tie-up with UAE's Unimoni. Details on Ripple's talent acquisition deals emerge.

Tron’s First BitTorrent Token (BTT) Airdrop Begins: Here’s Everything That You Must Know

Everything that you wanted to know about Tron's BitTorrent Token airdrop!