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  • Aug 15, 2022

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South Korea's Kakao Looks to Raise Funds for Its Blockchain Arm

Ground X was formed in March 2018 in Japan to help Kakao grow across Asia.

List of Best Bitcoin Lending Sites - (Bitcoin P2P loans)

Lending platforms are gaining momentum these days as they can process cross-border payments easily, rapidly and without any need for a traditional currency exchange.

Washington tops the Bitcoin-friendly list: Survey

Washington, D.C. takes first place on the strength of having the most Bitcoin ATMs per capita anywhere in the country.

Crypto Mining has enormously increased computing potential- Google Co-founder

Brin mentioned that Google witnessed a surge of their own processors by 200,000x (times) in just 20 years!

Alibaba Makes Use of Blockchain Technology to Tackle Food Supply Chain Fraud

China’s predominant E-commerce player, Alibaba, Pilots its blockchain technology to counter food frauds

IBM's TrustChain Project Will Help You Track Your Jewellery From The Mines to The Shops!

Soon you’ll be able to trace your engagement ring’s entire history from the mine to the jewellery store, thanks to IBM's new blockchain technology

Pitbull Launches Smackathon, a Music-Focused Blockchain Competition

Pitbull flagged off his new venture, an international blockchain competition “Smackathon” which focuses on innovating the music industry using blockchain tech!

Indian Police Officers Arrested in a Bitcoin Extortion Case

A real estate developer Shailesh Bhatt was lashed and forced to transfer 200 Bitcoins worth of INR 12 crore from his account.

Indian Investors Eager for Quick Profits are Being Duped by Conmen

Indian authorities have arrested two individuals accused of operating a bitcoin Ponzi scheme that swindled 300 bitcoins, approx. $2.6 million from 5000 victims.