As per the latest survey conducted by RewardExpert, to find where it is easiest to dive into cryptocurrency industry in any capacity, Washington D.C. ranked first among all the 50 US states. According to RewardExpert statement -

“Washington, D.C. takes first place on our list on the strength of having the most Bitcoin ATMs per capita anywhere in the country. There are 4.49 ATMs per million residents, and 2.39 establishments per million residents that accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.”

As Washington is already a home to major technology moguls, such as Amazon and Microsoft, it is likely to assume that Washington would be in deep interest in currency based solely upon technology. It is also the headquarters of Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission due to which regulatory has strengthened the volatile crypto market.

As per Roman Shtyn, CEO, and co-founder of RewardExpert - 

“The growing prevalence of cryptocurrencies is undeniable,” adding that, “The most popular use for cryptocurrencies is for investment, however, an increasing number of businesses accept currencies like bitcoin as payment, and bitcoin ATMs have been popping up across the country enabling investors to spend their funds.”

Here's the list of top 10 friendly states for cryptocurrencies, according to the list by RewardExpert:

1 - Washington D.C.
2 - New Hampshire
3 - Georgia
4 - Nevada
5 - Colorado
6 - Kansas
7 - New York
8 - Michigan
9 - Missouri
10 - Oregon

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