The popularity of cryptocurrencies has hit the roof. They are the best investment that everyone is rushing to. Let us take a glance at one of the top cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Cash that was formed in August 2017 as a hard fork of Bitcoin was valued at US$358 at launch. In only five months, the value of the cryptocurrency has grown to hit $1900. Call it supersonic speed. When the cryptocurrency was launched, many people opted for alternatives because they could not make the right moves.

Now, Peculium has introduced new AI (artificial intelligence) called AIΞVE that is architecture to help with cryptocurrency market analytics. With the onset of Big Data, the ever-growing risks in the crypto world and complicated dynamics, predicting the best moves in the crypto market is never easy. This is why Peculium and AIEVE have come to lend a hand.

This video gives a detailed insight into how the Peculium platform works:

How does Peculium work?

Peculium uses the predictive algorithm to analyze thousands of factors in the cryptocurrency markets to help investors make the best and timely moves. Using AI, Peculium can look at multiple data-sets from various angles to predict the movements that will yield the better ROI.

Whether you are new or old in the cryptocurrency world, thousands of factors that come to play are tough to see with naked eyes or analyze manually. However, Peculium can observe, analyze, and factor even the minor details about each cryptocurrency to craft its performance trajectory. This means that you can make a move when the crypto is on an upward trajectory to reap optimal benefits.

Invest in Peculium ICO to become part of the project

Peculium is the first project of its kind in the cryptocurrency world. Now, they are allowing you to invest in the project through the ongoing ICO. The ICO is on and running up to 24th January 2018. This means only a few days are left. Do not be left behind in joining this high potential project. If you buy the native Peculium tokens (PCL) between now and when it closes on 24th, you will be rewarded with a 10% bonus.

Note: This is a sponsored press release.