The Cryptocurrency market is growing at a fast pace. The fast pace has attracted a lot of people, and now everyone plans to invest in cryptocurrencies. With the increase in the popularity of cryptocurrencies, we’ve also seen a rise in the ICO launches. Although there are a lot of ICOs being launched, many of them struggle because there’s no proper payment support. MoxyOne aims to solve the problem by providing a seamless infrastructure to companies that trade with Cryptocurrencies.

The infrastructure would enable the end users to use their cryptocurrencies such as Ether for purchase or sales. MoxyOne also plans to allow the other ICOs to take benefit of the system. An ICO which is interested in giving a debit card to a holder can apply for partnership and white label the MoxyOne’s wallet system. Let’s check the excellent features of MoxyOne

Debit Card

One can use the wallet app and choose the default among the tokens or coins which he holds. So next time you make the purchases, your default cryptocurrency will be deducted. In the first release, they’ll be integrating MoxyOne (Spend), Ethereum (ETH), Social (SCL), eBitcoin (eBTC). 

You will be able to use the debit card, just like the other debit cards you have. You can order the physical debit card by paying a one-time fee or use a virtual one for half fees.

SPEND Tokens

The central transactions will take place through these innovative SPEND tokens. The customers will pay negligible fees for their purchases. Also, they will get rewards when they are using the tokens. Also, as the usage of it rises, the value of the SPEND tokens might increase. Isn’t it better than holding FIAT?


The MoxyOne system provides an AI which helps users to get the best possible value for their cryptocurrency. For example, if you plan to withdraw or spend 100 USD from your MoxyOne wallet and your default coin is Ethereum. In the last 1 hour, Ethereum has dropped by 5%, while another currency has risen by 10%. So if the MoxyAI is enabled, it’ll suggest the user with the best coin to withdraw to get the best possible value in FIAT at that point of time. 

Liquidity Providers

A Liquidity provider is an individual or an organization that provides MoxyOne with a buffer bank account in any country. They would keep the system running by supplying FIAT and buying back the tokens. Being a local individual, the LPs would save on conversion fees and earn credits, or SPEND tokens while the user would save on conversion fees.

User Dashboard

Management of funds when it comes to cryptocurrencies has always been terrible. But MoxyOne’s interactive user dashboard would solve your problem. Users will be able to manage transactions, view activity, find transaction history, find vendor locations, complete token transfers, and a lot of other things.

Multiple Tokens

The MoxyOne wallet allows a user to hold multiple tokens or cryptocurrencies. Which means you can not only hold SPEND token in the MoxyOne wallet, you can also store the other tokens such as Ethereum, SOCIAL, eBTC (if MoxyOne supports them.)

Multiple Exchanges

The MoxyOne team is in direct contacts with a lot of exchanges. So, once the pre-sale is over, you can expect the SPEND tokens to arrive on your favourite exchanges soon.

Blockchain Solutions

To have the added security and fastness, MoxyOne has partnered with companies like Raiden Network and Gladius. They will ensure that all the transactions that happen on the MoxyOne platform would be smooth and secure.

Instant Fiat

Instant FIAT enables a MoxyOne wallet user to walk into an ATM and convert the cryptocurrencies he is holding into FIAT instantly. Not only that, if the user has MoxyAI enabled, he’ll be able to get the best possible value in FIAT for that particular point of time.

Final words

The company has made the sales in a way that none of the tokens will be left unsold. The minimum tokens that the company wants to gain are 4,000 ETH. If the value isn’t met, they will refund the amount to the purchasers after deducting marketing and legal charges. 

To purchase the tokens every person or partner will need to go through a KYC. They will also get a referral link after they buy the tokens so that they can share and earn tokens. MoxyOne is confident that they will reach the number of minimum tokens and have a great start. For more information visit:

Note: This is a sponsored press release.