Kaleido, a ConsenSys backed firm declared on Wednesday the launch of the new enterprise technology stack and release of new features, tools, and competencies for the whole blockchain. The firm has released the latest Business-to-Business tech stack with the main goal of helping companies "reinvent their core systems and supply chains", as per the press release.

Kaleido’s fresh B2B tech stack is the main component of the Blockchain Business cloud focuses to provide foundation platform for the firms to adopt blockchain, tokenization and develop Decentralized Apps. The ConsenSys supported firm said that the stack brings together the required tools and technologies which businesses require to develop modern networks providing operational improvements and new revenue systems. 

The firm has launched the latest service by teaming up with organizations which are looking to use the solution in order to improve their business processes.

As per Kaleido, firms which will use this platform will simply be able to digitize assets by issuing tokens. Also, it will provide other features such as asset registry, document store, and app-to-app messenger works like plug and play. This simply means that the organization doesn't require specialized skills in order to develop and take advantage of decentralized applications.

Steve Cerveny, who is the founder and CEO of Kaleido said, 

“Blockchain has brought a radically better way for businesses to solve an age-old problem of transacting with trust and transparency. The leading networks we’re partnering with are spotting pockets of this future before everyone else does.”

He further said,

“Today’s announcement is a huge leap forward for enterprises evolving their business networks. Kaleido has uniquely brought together all of the necessary tools and technologies on our platform in a single, integrated B2B stack.”

Union Bank of Philippines utilizes Kaleido as part of its i2i project, a national and cross border payment network offering services which depend on “a banked-backed token on the blockchain,” according to Justo Ortiz, chairman of the board of UnionBank.

Kaleido says that it has helped various multinational firms including Heineken, T-Mobile, Sony, Shell, and Fox to carry out blockchain-based solutions in their businesses.

Earlier in November 2018, Kaleido and Amazon Web Services releases a marketplace to assist enterprises to execute blockchain based solutions, an initiative developed to remove the custom code needed to develop blockchain projects.