A crypto expert Anthony Pompliano (popularly known as Pomp), also the Founder & Partner at Morgan Creek Digital Assets, yesterday tweeted that last year most traders thought they were a genius during the crypto bull market; this year there aren't quite as many geniuses. To which, Changpeng Zhao (popularly known as CZ), the founder and CEO of popular crypto exchange Binance, replied with a retweet saying:

CZ (not giving crypto away)@cz_binance:

"The year is not over yet. :)  It seems people become geniuses around Sept-Xmas."

CZ's retweet created a buzz on social media platforms with crypto enthusiasts trying to interpret the hidden meaning of this statement.  Some even accused CZ of manipulating the prices. Here are some of the replies to the above tweet:

๑ RAMEN ๑ @RamenofBinance:

Are you hinting that Binance will somehow involve itself in pumping btc price around this time period?

Johnny's cryptos @johnny_ga_:

Yep when you are the whale of whales it comes with its perks. But is he just blowing smoke, or is this legit a clue?

EasyWhale [BNB] @EasyWhale:

I’m taking from this that $BNB has amazing news coming between September-Xmas... Prepare for the moonshot guys 🚀🚀🚀🚀

Cryptonian @cryptonian6:

Hey @cz_binance hope you still manipulating with volume exchange, worst time is about to start for @binance exchange good luck


Stop the bot manipulation

FinancialManna @FinancialManna:

Agreed.  The year is not over yet! It's the beauty of the #crypto world. Mooning can happen all of a sudden. Keep watching, hodling ad investing.

Redditors also shared their thoughts on the same:

User randomthrill:

September? I'm guessing he's expecting it to coincide with first regulated crypto exchange. […]Or perhaps it's just yet-another bull market guess. We'll find out!

User Durf007:

"[…] I’m thinking a big €/BNB announcement"

User JohnCryptoRambo:

"Every year except 2014 has had a bull run at the end, I expect this year to be no different. Whales want the price to go up before the year ends for tax purposes."

What message do you think CZ has tried to give from his retweet? Let us know in the comment section below!