One of the Iranian Official said, Blockchain can provide a great boost to the country's economy. 

Based on local news, Alireza Daliri, who is the head of management development department of the vice presidency for science and technology, said that

"This is possible with empowering the infrastructure of the blockchain technology with the help of government and the private sector."

He stated that Iran might harmonize with various countries on rising technology such as blockchain.

The official also dismissed all the issues which government have with the blockchain technology by stating that it provides more advantages and his department wants to use blockchain in various sectors in upcoming years.

Daliri previously said in July that government is trying to solve all the issues regarding the national digital currency in Iran. The cryptocurrency might arrive and tokenize Iran's national fiat currency, the rial, to help domestic and cross-border transactions to counter U.S. sanctions, it reported at the time.

As approvals are given, popular exchanges such as Binance have reached to the Iranian users off their platforms to follow the rules of U.S. sanctions. Before a month, U.S. Department of the Treasury, added crypto addresses to the individual sanctions lists, excluding two Iran residents. The treasury also mentioned that it was “targeting digital currency exchangers who have enabled Iranian cyber actors to profit from extorting digital ransom payments from their victims.”

The country is currently trying to gain the attention of crypto mining firms which have been struggling to increase their profit in the current market conditions. Iran could provide a great opportunity to miners. How? Iran is currently operating at very low-cost electricity (around  $0.006 per kilowatt-hour), hence mining firms open their mining industry in Iran. However, opening a shop in Iran is not as simple as it seems.