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  • Jul 11, 2020

Bitcoin, Gold Prices Surge After Iran Responds With Missile Attacks; Safe Havens Trending For 2020

The value of Gold and Bitcoin are currently on an uptrend as investors opt for safe havens in the wake of Iran’s missile attacks in response to the elimination of Qasem Soleimani by the U.S. Gold rallied to $1,600, this is the hig...

Iran Government might Authorize Crypto Mining very soon

Government Authorities in Iran are planning to approve cryptocurrency mining in the nation very soon

Iran's Energy Minister soon Charge Crypto Miners Actual Electricity Prices

Iran's Energy Minister Homayoun Haeri seeks to Charge Crypto Miners Actual Electricity Prices

Why Iran’s PayMon Cryptocurrency is Unlikely to Succeed

A look at why the PayMon cryptocurrency launched by Iran is unlikely to perform well in the international level.

Iran to Ban Bitcoins? In Talks With 8 Other Nations For Crypto-Rial

As Iran gears up for the Crypto-Rial, talks have begun with at least eight nations for trade deals via cryptocurrencies.

Crypto-Rial: Iran Likely To Announce State-Backed Cryptocurrency

Iran is likely to announce their state-backed cryptocurrency later this week at the Electronic Banking and Payments System Conference in Trehan.

Iranian Official Says Blockchain Could Help to Boost Economy

One Iranian Official said that integrating Blockchain could help to Boost Economy of the nation in the upcoming years

Iran and Russia May Use Cryptos to Bypass US-Imposed Sanctions

Reports from Russia indicate that Iran and Russia are having ‘high level talks’ to circumvent dollar-based commerce with the help of cryptocurrencies.

Iran Believes The Telegram ICO To Be 'Threat To The National Currency': Ban Likely

Many in the top political circles in Iran believe that the upcoming Telegram ICO may be a major threat to the national currency and that funds as much as $50 Billion would flow out of Iran if this is allowed to continue.