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  • Apr 07, 2020

Pantera to Start Off a Third Crypto Venture Fund: $125 Million Already Raised

Pantera Capital is all set to start off with a third cryptocurrency venture fund! $125 Million have already been raised - another $50 Million expected in March

Venture Capital Investment in Blockchain and Crypto Companies Up 280% in 2018: Report

Traditional venture capital (VC) investment in the blockchain and crypto companies has grown by almost 280 percent to nearly US$ 3.9 billion, in the three quarters of 2018, as compared to last year. This is according to a report f...

Institutional Investors Continue to Invest in Crypto Businesses Despite Slowdown

Institutional investments in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain businesses are at an all-time high despite a slowdown in cryptocurrency prices.

Author and VC William Mougayar Launches His Own Blockchain Investment Fund

William Mougayar, author of ‘The Business Blockchain’ who is all set to head a VC fund for companies and startups dealing with blockchain and cryptocurrencies. 

Andreessen Horowitz To Start Off a New Cryptocurrency Investment Fund

Private American Venture Capital fund, Andreessen Horowitz, plans to launch a separate fund for exchanging crypto assets.