• Market Cap: $121b

  • Feb 17, 2019

Yen-Backed Stablecoin GYEN Announced by Japan’s GMO Internet

GYEN is a Yen-backed stablecoin and is being developed by GMO Internet - a giant in Japan’s tech sector

KRWb: South Korea’s First Won-Backed Stablecoin Launched

South Korea has now become the latest country to get a stablecoin pegged to their local currency.

Coming Soon: A Facebook-Developed Stablecoin for WhatsApp Transfers

The social media giant is reportedly working on developing a stablecoin cryptocurrency which would help WhatsApp users transfer funds with ease.

Brazilian Bank To Implement Its Own Ethereum-backed Stablecoin

One of Brazil's largest banks begins their own Ethereum-backed stable coin, on par with the Brazilian Real in an effort to being an era of transparency

$133Mn Stablecoin Basis Shuts Down: Investors to get Money Back

Basis, the $133Mn Stablecoin project - is shutting down without any notice or warning. All the money will now be returned to the investors.

Stablecoins Boom as Crypto Markets Stall

Stablecoin markets have boomed by over 1000% between Sep-Nov

Japan’s Largest Shipping Firm Developing USD-Backed Stablecoin

Nippon Yusen K.K., Japan’s largest shipping firm in terms of sales volumes, is looking forward towards starting off with their own stablecoin.

CoinJar Co-Founder Predicts Success for Stablecoins

Asher Tan, the co-founder of Australian cryptocurrency exchange Coinjar is confident about the success of stablecoins, as he called them a game changer.

Russia may soon launch a state-backed cryptocurrency

The administrator of Russia's State Duma Committee on Financial Markets has asserted that the institution is thinking to launch a state-owned virtual currency pegged to the Russian ruble, Russian radio news station Govorit Moskva...

Japanese IT Giant GMO To Roll Out Stablecoin in 2019

The coin will be known as GMO Japanese Yen (GJY) and will be launched via the cryptocurrency exchange named Z.com.