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  • May 25, 2022

Facebook appointed Two Former Coinbase Compliance Experts

Social Media Giant Facebook hired two former Coinbase Compliance Experts and minimum one of them is working for a Blockchain project

New AT&T Patent Maps Your Social Media Activity over Blockchain

A new patent filing by telecom giant AT&T reveals that the firm is interested in mapping the social media history of its users over a blockchain-based platform.

Israeli Tax Authorities Now Monitoring Social Media to Track Crypto Traders

Reports from the Globes newspaper indicate that undercover agents of Israeli tax authorities are depending upon social media to track cryptocurrency users.

Controversy Erupts as Several Crypto Influencers Get Accused of Market Manipulation

Several cryptocurrency influencers are accused of market manipulation by using their social media influence for 'pump and dump' purposes.

LinkedIn Co-Founder Comments That Cryptocurrency Ad-Ban is a Temporary Trend!

Eric Ly, the co-founder of LinkedIn has commented that the cryptocurrency ad-ban imposed by various social media platforms is a temporary trend!

@Bitcoin Account Suspended by Twitter Amid Major Controversy

Twitter suspended the pro-Bitcoin Cash account '@Bitcoin' - which has earned applause from the Bitcoin community but outrage from the Bitcoin Cash supporters.