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  • Jun 28, 2022

Indian Cryptocurrency Exchange CoinSecure Indefinitely Postpones Repaying Stolen Bitcoins

Indian cryptocurrency exchange CoinSecure has indefinitely postponed the repayment of money for those who had their Bitcoins stolen, citing legal permissions. 

Following 438 Missing Bitcoins, CoinSecure Issues Statement on Refunds

Coinsecure has now detailed their process of issuing refunds following a loss of 438 Bitcoins on their platform earlier in April.

Coinsecure (Indian Bitcoin Exchange) Loses 438 Bitcoins: Alleges CSO Stole The Funds

Indian cryptocurrency exchange Coinsecure alleges that their CSO siphoned off 438.318 Bitcoins, worth approximately 19 Crore Indian Rupees ($33,70,000 in USD) from the platform.