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  • Aug 13, 2022

Police Seizes India’s First Bitcoin ATM, Arrests Owner

Reports from Bangalore state that India's first Bitcoin ATM has been seized by the police and Harish BV, the co-founder of Unocoin, has also been arrested.

Unocoin Sets Up India’s First Bitcoin ATM in Bangalore

Unocoin has launched India's first-ever Bitcoin ATM at Bangalore's Kemp Fort Mall. Read more to know how to use this ATM to withdraw and deposit funds.

Canadian Fraud Victim Loses Court Case Against Bitcoin ATM Firm

A Canadian fraud victim tried to sue the company that owned the Bitcoin ATM after she was defrauded. However, the courts in the country ruled against her.

Bitcoins Worth $50,000 Scammed From Australian Citizens As Fake Tax Debt

Victims in a $50,000 Bitcoin scam were forced to pay non-existent tax debt via Bitcoin ATMs. Police suspect there might be more victims who are yet to report.

Number of Bitcoin ATMs Across the Globe Surges Past 3,500

While Bitcoin price might be on a slump, the number of Bitcoin ATMs situated across the world has been on a continuous rise. The tally has now risen to 3,503.

Liverpool City Gets First Bitcoin ATM

The ATM is located inside the retail shop Herman Vapes on the Cases Street and is now open for public use.

Bitcoin ATMs reach 3,000-mark worldwide

Barely three months ago there had been 2177 Bitcoin ATMs all around the world.

The Curious Case of the Sudden Rise of Bitcoin ATMs!

While cryptocurrency markets continue to collapse, there has been a sudden spike in the number of Bitcoin ATMs! Here's an analysis of where these ATMs are popping up.