Microsoft has announced a new tool for developers, Azure Blockchain Workbench, to get started with blockchain technology. This application will provide an effortless and smooth way for those interested in adopting distributed ledger technology.

The tool was launched by the tech giant’s cloud computing platform, Azure. The primary aim is to provide developers, businesses and organizations a ready-to-use tool to efficiently set up blockchain, while also developing more blockchain apps to speed up and automate the setup. This new tool can speed up the development process for blockchain from months to days.

With blockchain witnessing increasing popularity day by day and gaining more adaptability and support, Microsoft can surely capitalize on this tool. According to Microsoft, the Workbench is, “The scaffolding for an end-to-end blockchain application” which can be set up “with just a few simple clicks”.

The Workbench aids in automation of network construction and blockchain deployment, which reduces the need for developers to fuss over maintenance and infrastructure related work. Workbench also takes care of integration the blockchain with Azure Services through a consortium network along with a set of cloud services. Blockchain identities can be linked with the Active Directory, aiding easier login. The workbench also lets the developer store secrets and keys safely using Azure Key Vault along with features allowing better synchronization within the database. Another feature of the tool is that it allows easy integration of blockchain workflows with existing systems using Microsoft Flow and Logic Apps.