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  • Feb 22, 2019

Ohio Auditors Considering Using Blockchain for Property-Related Transactions

A group of auditors based out of Ohio are now researching blockchain tech for storing land records and property related transactions in the counties of Ohio. 

Apple’s Recent SEC Filing Expresses the Tech Giant’s Interest in Blockchain

In a recent filing with the SEC, Apple noted their involvement in creating blockchain guidelines for the Responsible Minerals Initiative.

Factom Blockchain Data Accepted As Court Evidence in Douyin (TikTok) vs Baidu Copyright Case in China

The Beijing Internet Court has accepted data stored over Factom blockchain as valid evidence in a case between Douyin and Baidu's Huopai.

State Legislature of Wyoming Passes Two New Crypto and Blockchain Related Bills

Two new house bills have been approved and passed by the State Legislature of Wyoming, which deal with cryptocurrency and the blockchain industries.

Pakistan Joins the Blockchain-Banking Bandwagon with Telenor Microfinance Bank 

Telenor Microfinance Bank, in partnership with Valyou of Malaysia, introduced a blockchain-based system for the cross-border transfer of remittances to Pakistan

Study: Japan Leads Asia in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Acceptance

The latest study on Blockchain Implementation in Asia revealed that Japan leads Asia in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Acceptance

Bank of America’s New Blockchain Patent Talks about ATM-as-a-Service 

The latest patent filed by Bank of America talks about integrating blockchain technology in their cash handling services - integrating blockchain in ATMs.

Wyoming's Teton County To Store Land Records on Blockchain

Teton County in Wyoming is working with Medici Land Governance, a subsidiary of Overstock.com, to get its land records over a blockchain platform.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Using Western Union Could Be A Possibility

Western Union President hints at the possibility of incorporating cryptocurrency on their platform. The global demand, however, needs to be present for the move to be implemented.

First Blockchain-Based Birth Certificate Issued in India

One-month-old Divit Biyani has become the first baby born in India to get a blockchain-based birth certificate.