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  • Jun 18, 2019

Tron to soon release BitTorrent-based IPFS Variant Decentralized File System Protocol

Blockchain Platform Tron to soon release BitTorrent-based New IPFS Variant Decentralized File System Protocol

Private Bank Kleinwort Hambros Launches Blockchain based Exchange-Traded Note (ETN)

The private bank Kleinwort Hambros has recently decided to launch a new exchange-traded note (ETN) based on blockchain companies, according to reports. The company, which is owned by Societe Generale, is based in Paris. It has a t...

Korean Ministry Of Science And IT To Help Seoul Medical Center To Launch Blockchain

In order to improve its medical services, a major hospital set in South Korea’s capital Seoul has sought the help of the government and it will use the blockchain technology.

Craig Wright Has Filed 114 Blockchain Patents in 2 Years

Reports from The Next Web pointed out that WIPO has published over 150 patents issued by Craig Wright. Out of these, 114 patent titles mention blockchain.

The New York Times Looking Forward to Experiment with Blockchain-Based Publishing?

The NYT has been keen on innovations over the years, and it looks like their eyes are now set on the blockchain technology for news publishing! 

Ruling Russian Party Introduces Blockchain-Based e-Voting Platform

United Russia, the ruling party of Russia, has now introduced a blockchain-based e-voting platform for the citizens of the country for their primaries.

To Infinity and Beyond: Pay with Bitcoins to Send Messages into Space!

Thanks to Blockstream and Spacebit Live, you can now broadcast a message into space by paying with Bitcoins.

Carrefour Implements Blockchain Tech For Tracking Milk!

Carrefour introduces a new milk product which can be tracked using the blockchain technology! Get every bit of detail about your milk over the blockchain!

France Urges EU to Use Blockchain to Innovate Agriculture

France has now become the latest voice to press for blockchain-led reforms in agriculture in the European Union. 

Ohio Auditors Considering Using Blockchain for Property-Related Transactions

A group of auditors based out of Ohio are now researching blockchain tech for storing land records and property related transactions in the counties of Ohio.