John McAfee has been one of the most controversial names when it comes to the world of cryptocurrencies. Infamous for his paid tweets which helped manipulate the price of certain cryptocurrencies, as well as for his bold statements about predicting the future of cryptocurrency prices, McAfee continues to enjoy a major popularity in the crypto-world. John McAfee has now launched two websites - McAfeeMarketCap and McAfeeCryptoTeam. 

What is McAfeeMarketCap? is basically a website which monitors the price of cryptocurrencies, as well as observes the 24-hour market capitalization, bitcoin dominance and price trends in general. It is quite similar to the likes of CoinMarketCap and other market cap monitoring websites. The McAfeeMarketCap website features 948 cryptocurrencies as of launch. The description on the website reads that it has been created to:

“create the ultimate one-stop shop knowledge and information database regarding all things blockchain and cryptocurrency. Today, there are several websites that offer great information and price tracking. The McAfee Market Cap aims to improve on these concepts and bring something unique and valuable to the table.”

McAfeeMarketCap will also let the users manage and track their portfolio, as well as allow them to calculate their taxes. A mining calculator and a mining rig builder are also expected to be added soon. The website promises that more cryptocurrencies and indexes are going to be added over the summer. They also plan to start off with a social network, where cryptocurrency traders and investors, as well as blockchain enthusiasts, would be able to connect with each other. As of now, these are the only details available about the website.

What is McAfeeCryptoTeam? 

The second website launched by McAfee is that of the The website has been created to offer support to upcoming ICOs which are still in the developmental stage. It is a team of experts which can help guide ICOs across various stages and provide them with expert technical assistance right from design all the way to their launch. The website highlights six main services:

  • Strategy Analysis

  • Whitepaper Support

  • Web Optimization

  • Cryptoconnection Audit

  • Network Resources

  • Audience Reach

The website’s description reads: MCAFEE CRYPTO TEAM TAKES ICOS INTO THE STRATOSPHERE From planning to sale and beyond, we have solutions to turn a quality ICO into a superstar.

Market Impact?

While the websites have launched just hours ago - it is expected that they are going to have quite an impact in the cryptocurrency markets. John McAfee’s name has been linked to a number of controversial happenings in the crypto-verse but that has not impacted his popularity as millions continue to follow and admire him on social media, making cryptocurrency investment decisions based on his advise. 

Moreover, considering the massive number of ICOs that have been coming out these days, there is a strong need of guidance. McAfeeCryptoTeam’s expert guidance could possibly help reduce the clutter in the ICO markets and help launch more meaningful ICOs that benefit the crypto ecosystem at large. The concept of a social media platform on McAfeeMarketCap is also quite intriguing.