Google recently banned ads and extensions related to cryptocurrency and crypto mining. However, Google doesn't hate this new technology and has therefore been one of the most prominent investors in global Blockchain startups. It makes these investments from Alphabet Inc. which is Google's Parent Company. And now, Google's former employees take a step forward and form an exclusive Blockchain community called "xGoogler Blockchain Alliance."

xGoogler Blockchain Alliance (GBA) aspires to advance the Blockchain technology by connecting former and current Google employees who are interested in this technology. As Google is a warehouse of most talented tech developers, their experience can be a great resource to uplift the Blockchain tech.

As per the reports, GBA is commenced by three former Googlers. All the three are also experts in blockchain domain and based in China. The first founder of GBA is a former technology leader at Google, Daniel Wang. He has also worked with and Zhongan Technology. He later found an open protocol for decentralized exchanges called Loopring.

The second founder of GBA is a Chinese migrant, Hitters Xu, a former member of Google's Anti-Fraud association. He has also found a well-known public blockchain named Nebulas. He further found BitsClub, the first blockchain community of China. Xu has been actively participating in this blockchain community of the country.  The third founder of GBA happens to be the former Development Strategist at Google - Andy Tian. He was the one who introduced Android OS in China. Tian is also the founder of a popular decentralized global gifting protocol called Gifto. Gifto, developed over Ethereum, handles around twenty-five million virtual gift requests per month. Tian stated,

"Google has always been at the forefront of new technologies worldwide, from Android to AI.  As Googlers, we can bring our unique experiences to expand Blockchain's influence, to everyone, everywhere."

The GBA is currently based in Shanghai, Beijing and Bay Area. The team is also willing to work with ex-Googlers located in other areas and expand its operations.