One of the Encrypted Email Service which uses Blockstack IDs is planning to make online privacy tools more accessible, particularly in the Middle East.

Dmail, which is the product of the Egyptian web firm Intelli Coders, released on June 1. Before it's launch, 500 people from Saudi Arabia to India tried the service, as per the CEO Mohamed Abdou. From its release on Saturday, 151 emails have been sent between Dmail's 600 users. 

With the restricted access to crypto exchange being a basic theme in the Middle East particularly, Abdou stated that the ability to send and receive bitcoin instantly to the Blockstack ID's external crypto wallet might become a key feature in alluring users to the messaging service.

Abdou stated CoinDesk, "There is social information, and payment information, already attached to the message. Especially in Egypt, I’m trying to do my best to spread the culture of privacy."

Bitcoin miners living in Egypt find it difficult to acquire cryptocurrency because electricity for mining is expensive and services such as exchanges generally reject this jurisdiction. The Egyptian government has moreover denounced both trading and commercial usage of Bitcoin.

Abdou further stated, "This is also associated with human rights because you have the right to communicate with others in a private and secure way. Bitcoin could be useful to software developers who are freelancing all over the world."

In fact, Blockstack investor and Dmail advisor Mohamed Elkasstawi, founding partner of Zk Capital, stated that the increase in Unemployment among Egyptians could be seen as an opportunity for global firms in the blockchain space. Talking about the blockchain use cases more broadly, Elkasstawi stated:

“Adoption will come from emerging markets where trust [in traditional systems] is low.”

How Encrypted Email Works?

Dmail utilizes Blockchain decentralized identities (DIDs), which can be associated with GitHub and social profiles, and crypto addresses in a way that the user controls.

The service is presently listed on the Blockstack's App Mining program, which allocates bitcoin grants to projects collecting the most usage and developer contributions.

There is a high-demand of secure email services, that's why ProtonMail consists of 10 million users.

Dmail messages are encrypted. Now, with the Blockstack's storage system, only the DID holder herself has access to the storage data.  Also, the recipient should suggest their consent if they want to receive a message from another ID holder. Recipients have the option to deactivate the ability for that sender to send new messages at any time. 

Mentioning the capability of Dmail's service, Patrick Stanley, who is the head of growth of Blockstack stated, 

“They seem to be a highly motivated team, and developers like them throughout Egypt need better access to funding to build great apps that protect people.”