Having started off less than a year ago in September 2017, the TRON project has been a major success in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Led by their charismatic Justin Sun founder, TRON is currently ranked as the 11th most popular name in the cryptocurrency markets with a total market capitalization of $1.5 Billion. The TRON Foundation has now announced their acquisition of Blockchain.org domain name.

Domain names are a major element of a brand’s presence. By acquiring the Blockchain.org domain name, TRON has made quite a major statement when it comes to the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector. As of this writing, the plans are to make the website into a search engine as well as a service provider for startups working in the cryptocurrency and blockchain domain.

Among the various services that Blockchain.org website will now provide are those of big data analysis, project evaluation and information search. Basically, the platform would act as a repository of various kinds of information useful for those aspiring to work towards innovating and developing the fields of cryptocurrency and blockchain tech. Commenting on this acquisition, TRON Live posted:

“We can truly see Justin and his team’s determination to build a solid TRON platform in the blockchain field. We believe with the integration of Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) and BitTorrent, it will take TRON further in the blockchain world. The future is indeed exciting for TRON.”

Data is one of the most important resources in the modern day and age. By developing the blockchain.org search engine, TRON intends to get to the pulse of the blockchain industry and understand the wants and needs of the community. Moreover, it is also expected that TRON would also make use of data obtained from various social media platforms to gauge these demands and wants in a better manner.

As of this moment, the website doesn’t really have anything on it. Opening the website would show you the following text: “Search Engine of the Blockchain World + Big Data Platform” .. Best Experience that is Highly Efficient and Free.

By acquiring this domain name, TRON is indeed making a major statement - the fact that they are highly committed to the development of the blockchain technology. TRON has also been in the news recently over their recent acquisition of BitTorrent. Moreover, TRON founder Justin Sun, who recently graduated from China’s Hupan University, where he studied under the wing of Alibaba founder Jack Ma - has been one of the most impressive youngsters in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Domain names are of quite an importance. Just a couple of weeks ago we saw the domain name Crypto.com being acquired by Monaco, a startup working towards developing crypto-powered debit cards. The domain, which was held by Matt Blaze since 1993 was finally transferred to the company last month. That being followed by the acquisition of Blockchain.org by TRON has proven that domain names indeed cause a major impact in the markets.