One  of  the  most  anticipated  token  crowdsales  is  coming  this  May.  BGX  ‐  a  multi‐functional  financial  platform that will bring the entire economy of mobile games into the age of decentralized effectiveness.  

The mobile games market is phenomenal. One of the most technologically adaptive and high spending  sectors, it is comprised of over two billion players. By 2020, it will reach the threshold of $60 billion annual  revenues. Yet, lack of recent innovation limits the earnings of its participants and threatens to decrease  its astounding growth rates. Several critical inefficiencies hold back the full potential of this industry. 

A special few major app markets share absolute control of the global distribution of games. They charge  tremendously bold commissions, often reaching 30% of the revenues. In return, they give nothing more  than basic functionality and access. No channels of monetization in line with modern technologies. No exchange of in-app tokens for players to avoid them having tens of untradeable game tokens. No support  for  cryptocurrencies.  Dreadfully  low  security,  troublesome  for  most  business  participants  of  the  ecosystem. As a result of high fees and unfulfilled needs, 80% of game studios go bankrupt.

Now – there is BGX. The fintech solution unparalleled in its capabilities.  

BGX consists of an immensely powerful suite of financial features and an app distribution network. The  unique cross‐chain processing algorithm allows BGX to support up to a million transactions per second.  BGX brings speed, security, and interoperability. The platform’s inner stablecoin is non‐volatile, while the  investor’s  ERC20  BGX  Tokens  have  unlimited  potential  for  growth.  Moreover,  60%  of  the  platform’s  revenues are given to the holders of the BGX Tokens.   

BGX developed a powerful artificial neural network in the top research institutions in the world. The fuzzy  AI  network  provides  unrivaled  protection  and  cheating  and  fraud,  beyond  the  capabilities  of  current  markets. Meanwhile, it also helps developers target their potential players on an almost individual level. 

The BGX Platform is positioned for rapid player adoption. Players earn from their gaming time. They have  access  to  a  virtual  wallet,  which  supports  in‐game,  crypto‐  and  fiat  currencies  and  makes  them  interchangeable. Game studios gain a powerful motivational tool in platform’s universal coin. They have  access to many modern, platform‐wide monetization channels – hosting tournaments, duels, streams.  

Enough is enough. There have been many gaming ICOs. Yet, the industry needs a true fintech solution,  providing players, studios, publishers, ad networks, and investors with the opportunity to earn more while  paying less to inefficient intermediaries. The mobile game sector is ready for disruption.  

The BGX whitelist is open for registration. The pre‐sale will start on May 8th and go for just one week. The  Crowdsale will start on May 22nd and continue for one month or until all funds are raised. Read the BGX  Whitepaper on and if you are an investor, contact the BGX team directly at for details on the upcoming private sale.