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  • Jan 28, 2020

Ledger CSO Exposes Security Flaws in Trezor Wallet: Calls it “Completely Broken”

Ledger and Trezor are two of the biggest names when it comes to hardware cryptocurrency wallets. Ledger has pointed some major security flaws in Trezor wallets.

Fake Flash Updates Being Used By Hackers to Hide Crypto-Mining Malware

Cryptocurrency mining malware is being pushed into the computers of unsuspecting users in the form of fake flash updates.

Leaked NSA Software ‘Eternal Blue’ Responsible Rise of Illegal Crypto-Mining

Eternal Blue, a leaked software from the National Security Agency (NSA) is one of the key reasons for the 459% spike in illegal crypto-mining.

Indian Govt Websites Targeted by Hackers: Cryptojacking on the Rise in India

The Economic Times points out that several government websites are being used by hackers to mine for cryptocurrency using the processing powers of the visitors

Hackers Point out Multiple Security Flaws in John McAfee’s ‘Unhackable’ BitFi Hardware Wallet

John McAfee's BitFi hardware cryptocurrency wallet touted as 'unhackable' has multiple security flaws, security researchers have pointed out.

London Police to go through a Cryptocurrency Training to combat Crypto-Crimes

As crypto-crime is on the rise, London Police will now go through a special program designed to tackle cryptocurrency-related crime in an efficient manner.

Crypto-Crime on the Rise: Malware Monitoring over 2 Million Addresses

A cryptocurrency malware is on the rise which alters the contents on the clipboard and replaces copied cryptocurrency wallet addresses with a different one.

XRP Optimistic on Coinbase Listing; Says XRP not a Security

Ripple's Chief Marketing Officer saying that XRP is not a security and hopes to get a Coinbase listing

Blockchain startup Chainalysis raises $16M and launches KYT Real-Time Transaction Analysis Service

The blockchain surveillance company Chainalysis reported that it has raised USD 16 million. It manufactures tools for governments, banks and other such clients.

Government of Egypt Found Cryptojacking Its Citizens

Citizens of Egypt are mining the Monero cryptocurrency for their government (or an affiliated body) without their knowledge or their permission.