TrueDigital Holdings, a New-York based firm working on institutional digital investment, has intended to secure the registrations of trueEX LLC to release a fully regulated Bitcoin (BTC) derivatives exchange for investors belonging to the United States. This news was first shared via press release on July 12.

Based on the press release, the firm has closed an agreement in principle to obtain the Designated Contract Market (DCM) Swaps Execution Facility from another firm known as trueEX LLC. Currently, the firm is waiting for the approval of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to move forward.

After getting the approval, TrueDigital will launch a crypto derivatives exchange fully-regulated by the CFTC. The firm will list physically-deliverable Bitcoin derivatives for institutional investors. After the release of bitcoin derivatives products, various other firms will also start offering the company's clients.

Thomas Kim, CEO of TrueDigital said that “adding the exchange to our ecosystem delivers a complete end-to-end offering, currently unavailable today, that encompasses tokenization, payments, market data and settlement for the benefit of our clients and partners.”

Apart from the above services, which consist of tokenization, crypto payments, and market data, users will be able to invest in crypto derivatives, a market which is going to reach a new height soon.

The main goal of the firm is to offer physically deliverable BTC swaps, which can be sold to the institutional investors. Kim also stated that the latest procurement which will take into account the fact that the company is developing a market that can be trusted by investors.

Moreover, there are a lot of great opportunities in the derivatives market as it has not been examined so far. TrueDigital is one of the few firms that have launched crypto derivatives exchange. LedgerX is the only firm that has released its own BTC derivatives in 2017.

ErisX, one of the Chicago based firm has acquired derivatives clearing organization (DCO) license from the CFTC as per its plans to make digital assets future contracts ready for trade on its regulated derivatives market in 2019 through a new DCO.