The Block Crypto, a popular site for cryptocurrency news and study has recently been accused of plagiarism and public defamation by another popular crypto researcher.

The researcher known as CryptoMedication through his Twitter handle - @ProofofResearch - is an online reporter and investigator who is well noted for many of his pieces and investigations in the crypto world.

The Allegations

CryptoMedication is publicly condemning The Block Crypto for wrongfully replicating his work without permission or consent. He has also expressed his displeasure at the management of The Block Crypto saying apart from refusing him to recognise him when they use his work, they also have disregarded his complaints every time has tried to reach out and challenge them with these allegations.

It would seem that the last straw that broke the camel’s back was a piece done by Larry Cemak, a writer with The Block Crypto, where he did a story about happenings within QuadrigaCX. The piece explains the methods by which Quadriga used a few well known exchanges such as Bitfinex, Binance, and Poloniex, to send ether.

CryptoMedication originally put out this story on his Telegram and explained in details, how “QuadrigaCX had been funneling out Ethereum from their exchange straight to Bitfinex” and identified Mike Kalomeni as the owner of said wallets.

Mike Kalomeni and CryptoMedication

At the beginning of his partnership with CryptoMedication, Mike Kalomeni, co-founder of Elementus, was very instrumental in putting CryptoMedication in the eyes of the public with his stories on the QuadrigaCX situation through Elementus. Conversely, the partnership began to dissolve because Elementus allegedly stifled his processes. He said:

“Elementus purposefully impeded my ability to find out certain information about QuadrigaCX’s Ethereum addresses because they wanted to publish an analysis on Ethereum first for the sake of doing so.”

Also, about The Block Crypto, CryptoMedication has said the “entire article that ‘The Block’ published is supposed to be based solely off of unpublished findings from Elementus. Elementus never stated anything that’s in that article…anywhere. At all. You want to know who did though? Yup, that’s right…Me.”

The Block Crypto’s Response

The founder of The Block Crypto – Mike Dudas – has said that CryptoMedication is “a complete and utter charlatan….” CryptoMedication has also fired back saying that Mr. Dudas has “absolutely no decency or integrity as human beings.”

As of now, no lawsuit has been filed. This seems to be more of a case of heated thoughts on twitter with some validity. Although CryptoMedication has said he has retained a lawyer to help him defend his work and name we don't expect to see any lawsuits on this matter.