Even as the South Korean government is creating recent regulations and laws relating to the world of cryptocurrency, the Seoul School of Integrated Sciences and Technologies (commonly know as aSSIST) announced that they will now be offering a course in Masters of Cryptocurrency.

The aSSIST is one of South Korea's major business schools, with an evaluation as the No.1 Graduate Business School in South Korea. The MBA in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology has a duration of one and a half years and the syllabus covers the topics of Bitcoin, Ethereum, crypto funds, smart contracts, game theory, DApp planning, and whitepaper development.

The official announcement describes the program as "a master’s degree program in Blockchain, cryptoeconomics and token economy courses from technological, cryptoeconomic and business strategic perspectives.”

The university claims to be offering the first MBA in cryptocurrency in the world. Their statement went on to say:

"The mission of Assist business school’s Crypto MBA program is to remedy the lack of academic research and systematic education currently available in the industry, despite a high level of social interest in the blockchain and cryptocurrency.”

The crypto-economics section of the MBA would cover microeconomics, macroeconomics, theories on current financial trends, behavioural economics, game theory and mechanism designs; and the students would be required to take special classes in Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS, 3 of the largest cryptocurrencies in circulation.

To foster the creation of Altcoins, the ability to write and research a persuasive whitepaper would be taught as well. Course components include digital marketing strategies, management mechanisms, digital financial accounting, DApp Planning, and crypto funds.

This course is the latest offering in the educational ecosystem which is offering students an in-depth look into cryptocurrency. Previously, Wharton Business School, Stanford University, Cornell University, Harvard School of Business have also offered courses in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

South Korea has been highly accepting of cryptocurrency as compared to other countries: the government recognizes cryptocurrency and blockchain technology as regulated financial institutions.