Cryptocurrencies are getting increasingly common over the past few years. While individual investors are using them, they are yet to find a use-case in the day-to-day retail sector. However, this challenge is now being tackled by Shping - a platform that merges cryptocurrencies with the retail sector. 

Shping is a platform which integrates cryptocurrencies in the retail sector in a meaningful manner which is beneficial to both, the business owners, as well as the retailers. Shping portrays itself as ‘the future of retail shopping.’ Let us take a closer look at what the platform is, as well as a closer look at the SHPING cryptocurrency token. 

Who can use Shping?

Shping is the ultimate retail marketing platforms. It is for brands, for business owners as well as for consumers. It has got benefits for all three of these types of users. The platform targets the retail marketing sector, which is one of the most significant and most rapidly growing areas, expected to hit $28 Trillion soon. Let us take a closer look at the benefits of Shping for different kinds of users:

Benefits of Shping

The Shping app offers many retail marketing solutions for businesses and brands - mainly aimed at the retail sector. Businesses can show surveys and have the customers fill forms related to their products. When the customers fill surveys and forms or watch the videos that the brand is promoting to them, they get rewarded with the SHPING cryptocurrency tokens, which means it is a win-win situation for both the parties involved. 

However, one of the biggest goals of Shping is to become a global product discovery platform. It allows customers to add products to their database and currently has over 30 Million products listed on it. With time, Shping hopes to become the biggest product library across the globe. Another significant benefit that Shping offers is that brands no longer need to spend heavily on marketing costs and product research initiatives. 

Customers too, benefit from the Shping platform as it offers them with SHPING cryptocurrency tokens for learning more about products, for adding the products to the data-pool, as well as for performing actions like filling surveys, etc. Shping helps improve the consumer awareness - making sure that they make a well-informed choice. Shping is much more than just an app. It is a retail marketing revolution! 

Shping Token Sale

For those users interested to invest in Shping, the Shping Coins (SHPING) token sale is life now. While on sale, the Shping Coins are priced in at $0.01. 50% of the total SHPING coins are on sale at the moment. There are 10 Billion SHPING tokens in all, and 5 Billion is available for purchase at the moment. At the cost $0.01 per SHPING token, the total value of the tokens for sale is $50 Million. 

These tokens can only be acquired via the Shping app, or via the Shping token sale. Users who are interested in investing into the SHPING tokens can visit

Note: This is a sponsored press release.