The identity of the person (or persons) behind the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto has been one of the biggest unsolved mysteries of the world of cryptocurrencies. Among one of the most mysterious figures in tech, Nakamoto used to be out and about in the Bitcoin community in the early days of Bitcoin, but has since disappeared. In an interesting turn of events, Nakamoto’s P2P Foundation Profile had a short burst of activity yesterday. 

The last time anyone ever saw Satoshi Nakamoto being active on the internet was in late 2010. Over eight years after his last activity, Satoshi Nakamoto has resurfaced on the internet with a rather cryptic message - and a new friend. Nakamoto simply posted a one-word status update, which read: ‘Nour’. This is a rather cryptic message from the founder of Bitcoins, as the word does not really carry any significant meaning in dictionaries across the world. The only coherent meaning of the word that one can find about ‘nour’ on the internet is via Urbandictionary, which quotes Nour as:

“The most loving, affectionate and caring person you'll ever meet. Extremely smart, funny and sensitive. A bit lost, still figuring out what she wants in life and how to reach it. Stubborn and not willing to take other peoples advice. When she smiles she makes you forget all the problems you have, her hug will give you an assurance that you have never felt and will never do.” 

The word nour also carries some meanings in non-English languages, as it is Arabic for ‘light’ and Hebrew for ‘Fire’. However, as of this moment there is no proper meaning that can be assigned to the word and this remains a rather cryptic post from Nakamoto. In addition to posting this status update, Nakamoto also befriended a person on the platform: Wagner Tamanaha. 

Tamanaha is an active name in the Brazilian blockchain community. He acknowledged this move from Nakamoto by Tweeting: “Parece que o Satoshi reapareceu e estou sendo investigado :-) [“Looks like Satoshi's reappeared and I'm being investigated :-)”].

The email ID that this P2P Foundation account is based on is ‘’ - this is the same ID that was used by Nakamoto to upload some whitepapers on to the platform back in 2009. However, this email account was also reported to have been hacked in 2014. As of this writing, it cannot be confirmed if this update was posted by the real Satoshi Nakamoto, or by the hacker who had gained access of the account. 

In the past, there have been several attempts made at discovering the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. However, while certain names have popped up over the years - including the likes of Craig Wright, Ross Ulbricht and John Nash among others. However, there has never really been a concrete evidence to prove that they were indeed Satoshi Nakamoto. There are also reports that claim that the CIA might have information on the real identity of Nakamoto. The identity of Satoshi Nakamoto continues to remain a mystery.