Xpring, the latest initiative by Ripple that focuses on interledger protocols has introduced one of its developers in a blog post by Vanessa Pestritto, one of the platform’s executives.  Pestritto introduced one of its key developers as Wietse Wind, who is claimed to understand extensively Ripple’s protocols and distributed ledger technology.

Wietse is was also named as a “leader” in the XRP community who has dedicated much of his life building projects, tools, as well as contributing to the XRP community at large. Other notable achievements include teaching other developers the ins and outs of the Ripple framework.
Besides teaching, Wietse is also claimed to be an entrepreneur, who has built a successful consulting company. His clients are claimed to range from “larger scale companies to smaller offices.”

Due to Wietse apparent credentials, Pestritto states that Ripple is “thrilled” to announce that Xpring has invested capital into Weitse Wind’s XRPL labs.

A tweet of the announcement is below:


Reasons cited for the investment were due to his “creative approach, leadership, and ability to engage developers." Furthermore, as an entrepreneur he is claimed to be able to develop new products and technologies while also not being afraid to ask the hard questions about how to best improve the engagement between humans and machine.

The funding released to Wietse will go towards the time and resource capital of the project.