A latest Blockchain-based project will be tested by the Authorities of Moscow with respect to the next university student council elections in June 2019. They are going to pilot a blockchain-based electronic voting system for the same thing. If the project becomes successful, it might be applied in the city's next mayoral election, the news was reported by Russian News Agency TASS on May 6.

Based on the report, the project is being carried out by partnering with the Moscow Department of Information Technology (DIT) and the Moscow City Election Commission (Mosgorizbirkom).

Blockchain E-voting is not a new process. Earlier, West Virginia, a City in the US has conducted blockchain based mobile voting in 2018. However, the process is getting attention after the Russians.

Artem Kostyrko, who is head of Deputy DIT unveiled that the technical specifications of the pilot program will reach to the Mosizbirkom in mid-May for approval. As soon as the approval has been provided and legislation has been passed, only then DIT will release the program for the public. 

The City of Council in Moscow has earlier submitted the bill describing how blockchain will be used in the E-Voting system. Later in April, the Russian Duma has passed a bill, enabling the Moscow city of Duma to direct this kind of E-Voting system in the upcoming elections on September 8. The City of Moscow Duma has made a design to protect the process and results of the E-voting system using Distributed Ledger Technology.

Earlier, United Russia, the ruling party in the Russian Federation has released blockchain-based platform for e-voting in March. Talking about Russia, there are still concerns about Russia's plan for Crypto Adoption. There is a requirement of good and proper regulations in the country.

Also, Blockchain related-activity and crypto industry are free from any kind of restrictions in Russia. Vladimir Putin, President of Russia has set a deadline of July 1, 2019 government to accept such regulations.