Ledger, one of the leading security and infrastructure solutions providers for cryptocurrencies and blockchain, has launched two new applications  'HODL' and 'RecoveryCheck' to further reinforce users’ security.


HODL app aims to make entering and checking the address of your wallet easier when receiving funds. It allows you to enter a transaction address for any of your wallets directly from your Ledger Nano S. In effect, your Nano S acts as a virtual keyboard. The process is simple:

- Select the field you need to put your address into on the computer.

- Launch the HODL app

- Use the Ledger Nano S to select the wallet you want to use

- The address will be entered directly.

HODL is available to install via Ledger Live. It supports several keyboard layouts – QWERTY, QWERTY International, AZERTY.

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'RecoveryCheck' App

The second app 'RecoveryCheck' enables users to check their 24-word recovery phrase. This sequence of words is required to recover private cryptokeys if your device is lost or stolen. The company said:

"Carefully writing down and checking the recovery phrase is a critical part of setting up any Ledger device and we recommend that users check each word at least twice as they go. However, because the recovery phrase is so important, many users want to confirm that they have got it absolutely right before using their wallet."

Until now, the best way to do this was by resetting the Nano S and choosing the Restore Configuration option – a time-consuming process. RecoveryCheck makes verification quicker and easier. Simply enter your 24 words and the app will confirm whether the recovery phrase is correct. There is no need to reinitialize the device.

It is important to remember that RecoveryCheck is intended only as a way of confirming your 24 words. You must still keep a written record of your recovery phrase and store it somewhere safe.

The company is working on other products as well to make the system safer and more efficient.