In order to improve its medical services, a major hospital set in South Korea’s capital Seoul has sought the help of the government and it will use the blockchain technology. This was originally reported by the Daily Medi, a Korean news outlet focused in the health sector.

Daily Medi has reported that the project, which is being called Smart Hospital for the moment, was developed in a joint partnership with the government of Korea.

The Ministry of Science and ICT will team up with the Seoul Medical Center in order to make the project come to life. The main goal is to improve the accuracy of the medical data surrounding the patients of the hospital and to reduce the processing time and enable access to this data. According to the article, the new Seoul Medical Center will be constructed to be an automated service that will have personalized and integrated data about all its patients. 

This platform will be able to provide services like electronic prescription deliveries, insurance claims and even certificate issuance. All of this will be done using the blockchain.

The Promotion of the Blockchain In South Korea

South Korea can definitely be considered a country that is very focused on the blockchain technology and the actions of the government back this affirmation. The Smart Hospital project, which is set to be finally launched in April 2019, was promoted by the Korea Internet and Security Agency.
The agency is already focused on other blockchain projects as well. One of the main goals of this arm of the government is the promotion of blockchain technology in the domestic industry.

Since the country has started its Seoul Innovation Growth Fund, the focus on the blockchain has already been very big, too. The country is set to promote several new technologies and the blockchain tech, also known as the distributed ledger technology among some circles which are not so focused in the crypto world, is one of the highlights.

The Seoul Innovation Growth Fund will invest more than $1 billion USD in fintech and blockchain startups of the country until 2022. In related news, the Myongji Hospital, also located in South Korea, but in the city of Goyang, has started a partnership with a local IT firm to create a similar service.