Despite the government’s hostile attitude towards cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency exchanges and trading continue to boom in India. Cryptocurrency exchanges continue introducing new features. Most notable of this is the addition of crypto-to-crypto trading pairs. Following the announcement of Bitcoin to Ethereum trading pairs from Zebpay, it is now Koinex which has announced 23 crypto-to-crypto trading pairs.

Koinex is one of the biggest names when it comes to Indian cryptocurrency exchanges. The exchange has a total of 19 coins listed on their platform and has a 24-hour trading volume of $5.5 Million. Koinex introduced nine Bitcoin-based trading pairs, six Ethereum-based trading pairs and eight Ripple-based trading pairs.

Up until now, almost all cryptocurrency exchanges in India offered only fiat-to-crypto trading pairs, meaning that the users can pay in Indian Rupees and buy the cryptocurrencies directly. However, fiat to fiat trading pairs are now making their way into the nation. Fiat to Fiat trading pairs allow users to buy other cryptocurrencies using a base currency. These base currencies are usually Bitcoin and Ethereum - but in Koinex’s case, Ripple as well.

In addition to announcing these trading pairs, Koinex also announced that these pairs will come with zero trading fee! Koinex launched 15 crypto-to-crypto trading pairs at the time of the announcement and 8 more pairs were introduced later that night - taking the total up to 23. However, this wasn’t the only announcement that Koinex had. The exchange had more good news in store as it added:

“seller fee has been revised to 0.15% for the INR market. Buyer fee is now fixed at a flat rate of 0.15%” 

The timing of this announcement from Koinex as well as Zebpay is quite remarkable because this decision comes right after the Reserve Bank of India issued a circular asking financial institutes to deny services to those dealing with cryptocurrencies. Considering the fact that it is getting hard to buy cryptocurrencies with cash, buying them using other cryptocurrencies is an easier option. The Reserve Bank has been taken to the court by Kali Digital Ecosystems, the company behind the upcoming Coin Recoil cryptocurrency exchange.

In order to keep the user participation up despite government hostility, cryptocurrency exchanges are slashing their rates and introducing new and innovative features in order to attract more users towards investing. 

Koinex CEO Rahul Raj commented:

“Our platform is built with the agility and technical brilliance to adapt to any market requirement. We were deliberating on the possible new offerings on Koinex and many of our traders expressed interest for a crypto-to-crypto trading corridor. Our thoughts matched and we expedited the platform integration and today are set to offer our entire crypto-pair bouquet for seamless trading, and many more such surprises are in the pipeline to enthrall our users.”

Here’s a list of trading pairs which the exchange has now introduced:

Bitcoin-Based Trading Pairs

  • Ethereum: ETH/BTC

  • Litecoin: LTC/BTC

  • Tron: TRX/BTC

  • Ripple: XRP/BTC

  • OmiseGo: OMG/BTC

  • Bitcoin Cash: BCH/BTC


  • Nucleus Vision: NCASH/BTC

  • Request: REQ/BTC

Ethereum-Based Trading Pairs

  • Tron: TRX/ETH

  • Ripple: XRP/ETH

  • OmiseGo: OMG/ETH

  • Bitcoin Cash: BCH/ETH


  • Nucleus Vision: NCASH/ETH

Ripple-Based Trading Pairs

  • Tron: TRX/XRP

  • OmiseGo: OMG/XRP


  • Nucleus Vision: NCASH/XRP

  • Request: REQ/XRP

  • Litecoin: LTC/XRP

  • Aeternity: AE/XRP

  • Golem: GNT/XRP