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  • Jan 26, 2022

Monero Hard Fork Successfully Takes Place! Four New Projects Emerge

There are four new projects which have come up after the recent Monero hard fork. These projects are Monero Classic, Monero Zero, Monero Original and a fourth project, which also claims to be Monero Classic .

Government of Egypt Found Cryptojacking Its Citizens

Citizens of Egypt are mining the Monero cryptocurrency for their government (or an affiliated body) without their knowledge or their permission.

Hackers Exploit Flaw in Telegram Messenger To Mine For Cryptocurrencies

A zero-day flaw in the Telegram Messenger desktop app allowed Russian hackers to download and install cryptocurrency mining apps on users' PCs.

Cryptocurrency Mining Malware Affects 5,000 Websites, including UK Govt Sites!

Over 5,000 websites, including several British Government websites, are affected by a cryptocurrency mining malware which has made its way into these sites via BrowseAloud plugin

Thousands of Android Devices Affected by Monero Mining Malware

Researchers from China’s 360Netlab have reported that they have found a malware called ‘ADB.Miner’, which makes use of the phone’s hardware power to mine for Monero.

Top Indian Newspaper Websites Found 'Cryptojacking': Mining For Monero Using Visitors' CPU Power

Indian newspaper websites The Deccan Chronicle and The Asian Age are using the readers' CPU to mine Monero (XRM) cryptocurrency, a report from Banbreach reveals.