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  • Dec 09, 2022

Bitcoin Ransomware Ryuk Virus now affects Enterprises in China

Bitcoin Ransomware Virus that has been successfully penetrated in more than 100 government and private firms in the U.S. has now reached a global level and detected in China

Malware Shellbot has ability to shutdowm operations of Other Cryptominers

Cryptjacking Malware Shellbot has the ability to spread shutdown operations of Other Cryptominers

US Dept. of Justice sentenced Two Romanians for Cryptojacking Scheme which affected 400,000 Computers

US Dept of Justice Convicted Two Romanians after 21 counts for spreading malware in 4,00,000 computers

Researcher: Windows Torrent File Malware Can Exchange Crypto Addresses

Movie file from torrent website The Pirate Bay consists of malware that can handle web pages and replace BTC and ETH addresses.

Crypto-Crime on the Rise: Malware Monitoring over 2 Million Addresses

A cryptocurrency malware is on the rise which alters the contents on the clipboard and replaces copied cryptocurrency wallet addresses with a different one.

Cryptocurrency Mining Malware Affects 5,000 Websites, including UK Govt Sites!

Over 5,000 websites, including several British Government websites, are affected by a cryptocurrency mining malware which has made its way into these sites via BrowseAloud plugin

Thousands of Android Devices Affected by Monero Mining Malware

Researchers from China’s 360Netlab have reported that they have found a malware called ‘ADB.Miner’, which makes use of the phone’s hardware power to mine for Monero.