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  • Dec 02, 2021

Unsecured Nodes Lead to $20 Million Worth of Ethereum Being Stolen in 3 Months

Reports indicate that hackers have made use of unsecured nodes to steal as much as $20 Million worth of Ethereum (ETH) over the past three months.

Russian County Website Falls Victim to Cryptojacking Attack

The website of Khabarovsk county has been compromised by hackers and is mining for cryptocurrencies using the processing power of the visitors’ computers.

Crypto-Related Cybercrime Has Resulted in a Loss of $1.1 Billion USD So Far in 2018

In the past six months, cybercriminals have already managed to steal over a $1.1 Billion from cryptocurrency investors and businesses.

Bitfinex Resumes Services Following DDoS Attack 

A denial of services (DDoS) attack caused the Bitfinex website to be down for about an hour. However, it is now back online and all funds are safe!

Cryptojacking Malware Infected Over 2000 Aditya Birla Group Computers Last Month

In one of the largest cryptojacking attacks in India, over 2000 computers of various companies of the Aditya Birla Group were affected by cryptojacking malware.