• Market Cap: $192b

  • Aug 14, 2018

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Neo vs Ethereum: A Comparison of the Past, Present and Future

Neo vs Ethereum - which of the two is the better cryptocurrency? With both these currencies offering similar, decentralized app support - which of the two is the better cryptocurrency?

NEO Council Announces Ontology (ONT) Tokens Airdrop for All NEO Holders

The NEO council has just announced some great news for all NEO holders - the ONT airdrop! All NEO holders would get the ONT tokens in the ratio of 1:0.2

Cryptocurrency Market Cap Predicted to hit $1 Trillion Later This Year

A number of market analysts are quite bullish about the short-term success of cryptocurrencies, predicting a market-cap of $1 Trillion before the year ends.

NEO Set to Implement Exceptional Scaling Solution by 2020

NEO claims to have cracked the scaling puzzles and reports that by 2020 it will process 100,000 transactions per second without sharding.

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