Digital Asset, a distributed ledger technology (DLT) startup and the firm which formed the DAML smart contract programming language has made a collaboration with leading cloud computing firm VMware.

Cloud computing giant VMware announced on April 11 that it is incorporating DA's smart contract language into its own blockchain system.

VMware is basically a publically traded company with a majority of the part is owned by DELL computers, with over 2,400 employees, which will provide DAML (Digital Asset Modelling Language) with its VMware Blockchain Platform directly to customers and via partners.

Michael DiPetrillo, who is the Senior Director at VMware stated:

“DAML has been proven to be one of the few smart contract languages capable of modeling truly complex workflows at scale.”

As per the details shared by the firm, VMware Blockchain "is deployed in enterprises worldwide" even though the further details weren't provided.

In August 2018, California based cloud firm, VMware announced that it had built an open-source blockchain designed to be scalable and energy-efficient, called Project Concord. Previously in 2017, the company has desired to develop a patent which will use blockchain as a part of wider effort to boost the speed of data transfers. The main business of VMware is to offer cloud computing and platform virtualization services to the firms.

VMware was started way back in 1998, and last year reported revenue of around $9 billion dollars. The firm is well-known for its hypervisors, that is basically hardware, software or firmware which runs virtual machines. VMware also provides desktop software, server software, cloud management software, etc.

Digital Asset declared a partnership with the International Swaps and Derivatives Association to create a new tool which will take help of smart contracts for derivatives trading. Digital Asset also mentioned that the DAML programming language will enable automation of derivatives trade management.

Digital Asset open soured DAML in March 2019. The language was being formed in 2016 and was supposedly optimized for use in private executions. From April 4, the source code of DAML language is available for all under the Apache open source 2.0 license.

The latest development has occurred after the departure of some high-level executives like Masters, who was followed by Yuval Rooz as CEO in December.