Malta-based digital currency exchange OKEx has propelled another derivative item called Perpetual Swap trading, as per an official statement.

Perpetual Swap is a P2P, virtual subsidiary created by OKex, that empowers clients to predict the direction of prices of virtual assets. Its component is apparently fundamentally the same as a future contract, yet with no expiry and daily settlement. Each swap contract has a notional estimation proportional to $100 Bitcoin (BTC). 

Per the statement, the new derivative enables clients to perform perpetual swaps, future contract, and spot exchange with margin and leverage at the same time. OKex will apparently begin Perpetual Swap exchanging on Dec. 11. 

Contract trading enables clients to buy and sell virtual currencies at predetermined costs at specified timeframes in the future, allowing investors a chance to open long and short positions. 

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OKEx Financial Market Director Lennix Lai noticed that they might want to remind their clients that because of its high leverage, actualizing hazard control techniques are similarly essential for exchange. 

In October, OKEx delisted more than 50 trade-pairs with frail liquidity and exchanging volume. Later in November, the exchange reported it was delisting the second swathe of trade-pairs because of "frail liquidity" with the end goal to make a good exchanging condition and offer the best-exchanging platform for merchants. 

In late November, Huobi propelled the Huobi Derivative Market (Huobi DM), permitting its clients to participate in digital currency contract exchanging on both rising and falling prices of virtual currencies. 

At press time, OKex is the world's second-biggest crypto exchange with day to day exchanging volume, which is around $523 million, as per CoinMarketCap.